Folk, blues, country e punk a bassa fedeltà: il veneziano Wasted Pido non si cura di generi ed etichette. Una chitarra, un pezzo di batteria, una voce cartavetrata e un infinito amore per la tradizione: Wasted Pido da una quindicina d’anni porta in giro per il mondo la sua ossessione per le radici. La sua è una missione e il palco del Festival un campo di battaglia: aspettiamoci fuoco e fiamme.

​WASTED PIDO plays dirty rock n roll, lo-fi country blues, sometimes using cheesy drum machines, but mostly in the good old one man band style.
Hailing from Venice (Italy), his journey into rock n roll led him to play in bands like John Woo, L’Amico di Martucci, The Hormonas, Destroy All Gondolas, The Barsexuals.
From the electro rockabilly of his beginnings, Wasted Pido music gradually shifted to a primitive “jump” blues, supported by a minimal fingerpicking style and a weird country songwriting.
Punk – blues? yeah, probably.
After 15 years of activity, what you listen to is the FIRST full-length LP, recorded in December 2019 at the Colosso Room Studio produced by his old time friends Woolter and Anna from UltraKelvin / MacinaDischi.
Since 2005, he played hundreds of concerts in Europe, USA, Asia and South America. Sharing stages with artists as Bob Log III, Blood Shot Bill, King Automatic, Reverend Beatman, The Amazing One Man Band, Trash Colapso, The Fabolous Go Go Boy From
Alabama, Extreme Blues Dog, Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger and countless other garage and punk bands.
In 15-years of activity he builded a strong friendship and artistic collaboration with many other one man bands, more notably with O Lendario Chucrobillyman, Sheriff Perkins and Gipsy Rufina.
“Rock N Roll Nurse” 7”
Dead Music / Rotten Babuino 2017
Monobanda Mash Vol.2 - One Man Band compilation 7”
Monster Mash Records 2014
Wild tapes and Rotten Demos
CD Rotten Babuino Enterteinment LTD 2014
Trash Colapso/Wasted Pido - Split Tape
Scrap Metal Dealer/ Rotten Babuino Records
The Caffeine Recordings
CD Calypso Hotel Records 2013
The B-Low Budget Sessions
7” 94tapes org 2012
Live After Trash
Tape 94tapes org 2012  

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